Working from home, these COVD restrictions mean some of you are sinning at an unbelievable rate. Some of you are sinning four or five times a day, like teenagers. Therefore once again it falls on me, the most reverend Reverend, to provide you with an outlet for that sin. The sin must flow. You must release the sin in a glorious Confession!

Today we celebrate the return of one of our flock by getting emotional. Like him, do you find yourself weeping uncontrollably when perusing ET: The Extra Terrestrial? Are you unable to maintain a stiff upper lip as the final scenes of Old Yeller unfold? Does the ending of The Green Mile make you well up and quiver like a child receiving a telling off?

Which movies affect you emotionally, or make you cry, and why?

As is traditional, I must unburden myself of my sin too. I am not without the shame of over emotion. My trigger comes from an unexpected place. The final scenes of Meet Joe Black.

As Billionnaire media mogul Bill Parish accepts that his time is up, having accomplished all he has accomplished. Realizing he has to let his family, and this life, go he walks to his end with his head held high and with Death himself at his side. He pauses only to ask:

“Should I be afraid?”

To which Death replies:

“Not a man like you.”

And it gets me. Every, single damn time.

The Goddess Gal Gadot has eased my burdens. Whenever I feel burdened I let her back into my heart and I very quickly unburden myself. She stands ready to judge you, to take your sin and to forgive you.

All praise our Confession, all praise the Goddess Gal Gadot – peace be upon her and her loveliness – and all praise our flock. Now it is your turn. Confess. CONFESS!!