It has been a while, but the Last Movie Outpost Confession Booth hath returned, to cleanse you sinners! While I, the most reverend Reverend, have been away on a high-risk sex tour of West African brothels carrying out essential missionary work in West Africa, I hope you have been worshipping the Goddess Gal Gadot in your own way. In private. I am so devout that sometimes I have been known to worship her several times a day… in private.

Here she is preparing for a nice, hard, devout worshipping.

As Top Gun: Maverick makes its way into theaters and is declared an almost perfect sequel by many who practice the arts of beach volleyball and sodomy, our thoughts turn to other sequels and the sins of your imagination. When you imagine things, you sin. Especially with your imaginations, you degenerate filth!

So it falls once again to me, the most reverend Reverend, to spread the doors of the Confession Booth wide open once more and prepare myself for you to unload.


The subject for today’s confession is sequels. Specifically the sequels in your head. The sequels that never got made, just as many assumed a sequel to Top Gun would never get made. What are the movie sequels you have outlined in your sick and twisted little minds?

Which unmade movie sequels have you imagined, plotted, and cast in your imagination?

We will now take your confession. Share all. Plotlines, dream cast, settings. The only way to unburden your soul is to share the load. You must give us this load. Confess. CONFESS!


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