Since returning from my important missionary work in West Africa, I seem to have developed some kind of rash. It is itchy and it is beginning to smell. Yet even that cannot mask the stench of your sins, you filthy, disgusting little sinners. You have quite clearly been sinning like Satan and all his little wizards. It stinks around here like a teenagers bedroom. So once again I, the most reverend Reverend, must wallow in the filth that is your cinematic souls and take your movie confessions. The Confession Booth is open.


Standing astride your throbbing sins, ready to feast on your wickedness, the goddess Gal Gadot will now hear your prayers for forgiveness. Just make sure they are your prayers for forgiveness and not your prayers for more of THAT thing you like. That’s disgusting and immoral.


Today’s confession topic was suggested by long-term Outposter Andy Dufresne. Today, your taste will be up for judgement. Today, there is nowhere to hide. Simply, tell us:

Which movie do you consider to be absolutely perfect?

That is, you really wouldn’t seek to change a thing about it. As it stands, it is quite simply…


Your fellow outposters stand ready to deliver their verdicts, as the Goddess prepares to gorge herself on your cinematic sins. The Confession Booth has been freshly spunged clean from last time. Now you must confess. CONFESS!


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