When the sin is too much to bear, a reckoning must occur. Judgment shall be rendered and there must be much suffering. Due to the amount of suffering out there, oh boy, must your sins have been great. Just this last evening I had to suffer through an entire episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Even I, the most reverend Reverend, must suffer for your sins. Then it is time for a trip to the Confession Booth.

And so you and your mucky little souls must be cleansed once more. If I have to watch another episode of that I fear I will grow to welcome the Apocalypse. The Goddess will feast upon your sins, as you feat on sub-standard entertainment that falls from the table of a mouse. Hark, for she approaches. Behold!

Today’s topic for the Confession Booth? The world of movies and television is full of casting missteps. From John Wayne as Genghis Kahn to Jai Courtney as John McClane Jr, Hollywood has not always made the best decisions. Laurence Olivier’s Othello, anyone?

Do you think you could do better? Do you fancy yourself as a casting director? You just want that couch, don’t you? Filth! For today’s confession, we dare you to do better.

Who would you have cast, as which character, and why?

Always thought Anne Archer would have made a better Lois Lane than Margot Kidder? Sam Neil should have got the Bond gig in 1986? Feel robbed because you never got to see David Boreanaz as Batman? Or even a casting Hollywood never considered that would have you proclaimed by your fellow geeks as a genius?

Who would you cast as who? You must confess. CONFESS!

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