This very month I nearly committed a sin. Yes, I know you find that hard to believe. That I, the most reverend Reverend, could commit a sin. Especially when I was touring the Roman gladiator themed saunas of Chelsea, Manhattan administering the Monkey Pox vaccine to the most needy in the community. And yet… I nearly did. The sin of avaritia. I wanted more and more. Luckily I caught myself before the police arrived.

But you, you stinking sinners, you have no such self-control.


This near sin experience concerned me greatly, for I knew that if I could feel like this then my flock would stand no chance. It turns out I was not the only one ruminating upon the sins of our flock here at the Outpost. Boba Phil was also quite concerned. Well, he is British!

He came up with the theme or today’s confession. So without further ado, let us spread the doors of the Last Movie Outpost Confession Booth wide open to allow you to unload deep inside. The Goddess Gal Gadot grown hungry and prepares her lips to feast upon your enormous, rampant sin.


Today’s confession centres upon your change. The change, in you. The change you have gone through, like sudden urge to try drugs again. In this case, specifically, your change in attitudes towards certain actors.

Who did you used to love that you now can’t stand?

Boba Phil offers up Simon Pegg by way of sacrifice. Spaced and the Cornetto Trilogy are works of art. And yet, now…. ?

It is your turn, Outposters. Gird yourselves, enter the booth, and release! Confess. CONFESS!


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