Your dirtiest secrets must be laid bare once more, you filthy little sinners!  Gal Gadot stands ready to judge your disgusting little foibles and perversions.  Nowhere is safe from the gaze of the Godess.  She sees all.

Look at her little face.  She’s as disappointed in you as I am.  This time we are taking your confessions about one of the seven deadly Hollywood sins…  NOT THAT ONE HARVEY!

The sin of being unspeakably popular and revered without the talent to back it up.  As if they have made a deal with the Devil himself, or Mr. Iger as his employees call him, to exchange a meagre amount of talent for riches beyond the dreams of avarice.  In short:

Past or present, who are the revered and worshipped actors or actresses who you confess to just not understanding the appeal of?

As I must lead my flock by example, it falls once again to me the most reverend Reverend to cast out the first demon!

Marlon Brando?  What’s all that about?  Whether he is sleepwalking his way through Jor-El in Superman, dining on scenery in Apocalypse Now or screaming at the sky in A Streetcar Named Desire, I just have never understood the level of worship.

The confession booth is open, my cassock is unzipped, most reverend Reverend is once more in session to hear all your sordid movie filth!  Ohhhh yeah baby!  That’s it!  Confess.  Confess good!