Elizabeth Taylor was an international star and she lived like one. She lived in New York, London, Switzerland, Puerto Vallarta, and of course, California, where she would primarily make her living.

Elizabeth Taylor and her mother cooking at 703 N Elm Drive (1947)

This article will discuss the places she lived in and owned over the years, excluding things like the Hotel Bel-Air, which aren’t houses. The properties discussed will cover many years; from the early 1940s until her death in 2011.

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Elizabeth Taylor with her cat Coffee at 1375 Beverly Estate Dr (1956)

The Platinum Triangle

The Platinum Triangle is the nickname given to 3 affluent communities that are adjacent to each other: Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Holmby Hills. Elizabeth primarily lived in both Beverly Hills and Bel-Air for many years.

700 Nimes Road

The swimming pool at 700 Nimes Road

Starting with the last home Taylor owned, this Bel-Air property was her main residence from when she bought it in 1981 until her death 30 years later. It was previously the home of Frank Sinatra’s first wife, Nancy.

700 Nimes Road

Residing on 1.27 acres, this 7,100-square-foot home is a 1960s style ranch house. It contains 6 bedrooms, including two master suites, and 6 bathrooms.

Trophy Room at 700 Nimes Road (2011)

On the ground floor of the home was the “Trophy Room” where Taylor had items including awards and photographs with other celebrities displayed. The house was redecorated twice. First with white carpets and furniture in 1984 and then with lavender upholstery in 2010.

Living Room at 700 Nimes Road (2011)

The garden of the house, which was designed by Nicholas Walker, was instructed by Taylor to “duplicate an authentic English herbaceous border”.

“Her desire was for color and more color, all the time. “Let’s be bold!”” – Nicholas Walker

An annual Easter egg hunt occurred in the garden alongside a petting zoo for children. Occasionally she would hire dancers from Cirque du Soleil to perform at the event.

The shoe closet at 700 Nimes Road (2011)

Shortly before her death, Tim Mendelson, Taylor’s personal assistant arranged for an art photographer, Catherine Opie, to photograph the house. Opie took 3,000 images; 129 comprised the completed study. She never met Taylor during this process.

Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery and cosmetics at 700 Nimes (2011)

Taylor purchased the house for $2 million. The house sold for $8.6 million in 2011.

703 North Elm Drive

703 N Elm Dr

703 North Elm Drive in Beverly Hills was the first home Taylor lived at in Beverly Hills and was here with her parents from 1941 until she married Conrad Hilton in 1950.

Elizabeth Taylor at 703 N Elm Dr with her pet chipmunk Nibbles (1947)

This property was built in 1929 and sits on a small third of an acre of land. The house is over 6,500 square feet and has 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

1771 Summitridge Drive

Taylor and her husband Michael Wilding purchased this Beverly Hills home in 1952 for $75,000. The couple spent $40,000 remodelling the house.

“We will have the outside painted yellow, with white shutters, the living room will be in grey with periwinkle blue—my favourite colour.”  Elizabeth Taylor

The house is currently the home of the Southern California Recovery LLC, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility.

1375 Beverly Estates Drive

1375 Beverly Estates Dr

This Beverly Hills home sits on 2 acres of land, this house is built around a palm-shaded fountain courtyard. The house, built in 1953, contains 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms with a square footage total of just under 7,800.

1375 Beverly Estates Dr

In 1954 Taylor and Wilding bought this home after they snuck inside for a look around after they noticed a For Sale sign out front and realized the sliding glass door in the rear was unlocked.

1375 Beverly Estates Dr

“One whole wall was built of bark with fern and orchids growing up the bark, and the bar was made of stone. And the fireplace had no chimney. There was a device making the smoke go down under the building and out through the barbecue pit. You really couldn’t distinguish between the outside and inside. And all the colors I loved—off white, white, natural woods, stone, beigy marble. The pool was so beautiful. There were palm trees and rock formations—it looked like a natural pool, with trees growing out of it. It was the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen.” – Elizabeth Taylor

1375 Beverly Estates Dr aerial shot

At the time of its purchase, the home featured such features as an intercom, automated doors, light dimmers, automated curtains, and a movie screen.

1375 Beverly Estates Dr.

1330 Schuyler Drive

1330 Schuyler Dr

Taylor and Mike Todd bought this Beverly Hills home in 1957. When he tragically died in a plane crash the following year Taylor sold this house because it reminded her of her late husband.

The house was built in 1926 and sits on a third of an acre. It is 4,000 square feet and contains 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. An interesting feature is that it is right on the street and offers no privacy like the other homes featured.

242 Copa de Oro Road

After Todd’s death, Taylor rented this house in Bel Air. This is the house she lived in during her affair and marriage to Eddie Fisher in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

242 Copa de Oro Road (1958)

As for the house itself, it has since been demolished and the current house features 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with a total square footage of 7,500.


10600 Wilshire Boulevard

After her divorce from Conrad Hilton in 1951, Taylor moved into this apartment building in Westwood with her secretary, Peggy Rutledge. The apartment, which was in a five-story, pink stucco building, consisted of 5 rooms 2 of which were bedrooms. Her downstairs neighbors were Tony Curtis and his wife, her Little Women costar, Janet Leigh.

10600 Wilshire Boulevard (1950s)

Elizabeth lived at the apartment for a short time during her marriage to Wilding, but the newlyweds had to find a larger home when Elizabeth found out she was pregnant with their son Michael Jr. The house they purchased was 1771 Summitridge Drive.

10600 Wilshire Boulevard (2020)

Palm Springs

Casa Elizabeth

Casa Elizabeth

A lot of classic film stars had homes in Palm Springs. Taylor was no exception. This house is in the upscale neighborhood of Las Palmas. Taylor owned this house from 2004 until her death in 2011.

The house, which contains 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, is available for rent and prices range from $560 to $1250 a night depending on the time of year. Other features of the house include a fireplace, pool, and spa.

Casa Elizabeth

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