We’ve written a good number of articles about the homes of Hollywood stars from yesteryear and today it’s Carole Lombard and Clark Gable’s turn (with a little bit of William Powell thrown in for good measure). 

Lombard at her 7953 Hollywood Boulevard home

In this article, we’ll cover the homes that Gable and Lombard lived in over the years.  

Los Angeles


4543 Tara Drive

In 1939 Clark Gable and Carole Lombard bought a 20-acre ranch in the San Fernando Valley town of Encino, which included this 9 bedroom house for $50,000. The 7,100 square foot house was constructed 6 years earlier in 1933.  At the time of its purchase, this was the only house around this area that was surrounded by farmland.

Postcard of Gable’s Encino home

The property was fenced in to provide seclusion for the couple. On the land, there were citrus groves, stables, a cow barn and a pigsty. 

The interior of the house was decorated in a rustic, American style. The only room with any Hollywood extravagance was Lombard’s bathroom, which contained white-marble walls, wraparound mirrors, and crystal and silver fixtures.

Gable and Lombard with their chickens

Studio publicists photographed Gable driving his tractor around the property or mending a fence. During interviews, he would go to the barn with reporters and milk a cow, or he would help Lombard gather eggs from the henhouse. 

After Lombard’s death in 1942, Gable continued to live in this house until his own death in 1960. His widow Kay Wiliams lived here until 1973 when she moved to the star-studded street of Roxbury Dr. (Click Here to read about the many celebrity homes on Roxbury Dr. including the home of Kay Williams).

Whitley Heights

6861 Iris Circle

6861 Iris Circle

Whitley Heights was a popular neighborhood with the stars of the silent and early talkies. Lombard lived in this house with her first husband William Powell from 1931 until 1933.

6861 Iris Circle

Their neighbors included Marie Dressler and Buster Keaton.

Lombard at 6861 Iris Circle

Built in 1926, this 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Spanish Villa has a square footage total of slightly over 3,200. 

6861 Iris Circle

Beverly Hills

710 North Camden Drive

Gable lived in this home with his second wife Ria from 1931 until 1935. Gable moved out of this house during his affair with Loretta Young. For the next few years, Gable stayed at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and the Roosevelt Hotel. The next house he would live in would be Lombard’s home in Bel-Air.

710 N Camden Dr

When Gable lived here the house had 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Very little information about this house is available due to the fact that it was razed.

710 N Camden Dr.


609 Saint Cloud Road

609 Saint Cloud Road

Lombard moved into this home in 1936 an nicknamed it “The Farm”. Gable and Lombard lived in this house in the early days of their marriage until moving to 4543 Tara Drive. This was the house Gable lived in while filming Gone With The Wind.

609 Saint Cloud Road

Lombard rented this house to Alfred Hitchcock after she and Gable vacated the home. The last famous person to live here was Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Gos in the 1980s and 90s.

609 Saint Cloud Road

The house was built in 1926 and contains 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with a total square footage of 4,400 square feet of 0.76 acres.


7953 Hollywood Boulevard

After her breakup with Powell, Lombard moved into this Hollywood house, which was essentially a bachelorette pad as she dated a variety of stars while living here including Gary Cooper, and George Raft. She lived her from 1933 until 1936.

Lombard in front of 7953 Hollywood Boulevard.

Lombard moved to the house on Saint Cloud when she started dating Gable as this house didn’t provide enough privacy and was too accessible to the public.

Lombard at 7953 Hollywood Boulevard

This house was built in 1926 and has 2,900 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

7953 Hollywood Boulevard today

Hollywood Hills

2720 Woodhaven Drive

Gable and Lombard stayed in this house for a short period of time after their wedding.

2720 Woodhaven Drive

2720 Woodhaven Drive was built in 1924 and is one of the original homes built by the Hollywoodland Real Estate Development Company. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is 3,700 square feet in total size. There are 12 rooms in this house. Each bedroom has its own balcony.

2720 Woodhaven Drive

Palm Springs

 222 W. Chino Drive

Gable and Lombard owned this house in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs during their marriage.

Built in 1925, this 3,300 square foot house contains 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a detached guest house, and a pool house.

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