Before we go on, as with the other reviews of The Book of Boba Fett, there are pretty big spoilers in this review about this week’s episode. So watch it before it gets spoiled online, and before you read this review if you are staying clean.

Following on from last week, we are going back to characters from The Mandalorian. We start with Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) who is still the Marshall from Mos Pelgo. It seems he has issues with the Pyke Syndicate and them running ever so familiar Spice on Tattooine as well.


Back to Boba Fett, no… wait, we’re sticking with Mando. Din had headed off to find Luke and Grogu to give the youngling the gift he had The Armourer make last week. He finds R2-D2 and a group of construction droids making a new Jedi temple, or at least, a new Jedi School.

We find Luke and Grogu meditating. Now, here’s where I’m torn. On the one hand, I get to see Luke training a Jedi. On the other hand, Luke is just wrong!

I mean, it is Mark Hamill, but it’s not him. It’s deep-fake him and it really shows. There was just something “wrong” about him. I didn’t like it.


Hearing Luke talk about Yoda and the Jedi was really cool, you could tell that Filoni had a hand in writing this episode, because he loves the lore of Star Wars.

We learn that Grogu lost his way somewhere around the time of Order 66. Luke helps him remember seeing his Jedi masters killed by clone troops. Again, this was pretty cool, although sad to see.


Ahsoka turns up and explains that now Grogu is in training, Din should keep his distance. I did like this, since we have seen in the past that attachment can lead to danger. An entire galactic Civil War basically started because Anakin should never have boned Padme.

It was interesting to see how Din wants to care for Grogu, since that’s what being a Mandalorian is all about. Against this, if Grogu is to complete his Jedi training he must not see Din. Din has to make a choice of what to do, see his friend or let him become a Jedi?

We then spend more time with Luke and Grogu learning the ways of the Force. As cool as this was I couldn’t get out of my head how, in The Last Jedi, Luke becomes a pussy and wimps out after he tries to kill Ben Solo and then just gives up. Fuck Disney! The Last Jedi really does ruin everything.

All this time Luke is still “wrong”. His voice, his actions, the way he walks, all of it. You can tell it is deep-faked.


Mando heads back to Tatooine and back to the star of The Book of Boba Fett, Boba Fett. It was really nice to see him. Boba and Fennec have now got some muscle, ready for the turf war that’s about to take place. They also have the gang of the United Colours of Benetton with them. I doubt they can fight, but at least they look cool.

Mando goes off to find Cobb and explain that they are going to need some ground troopers. The Marshal wants to help, but at the same time, wants to live a peaceful life.

Massive spoilers ahead!

As Mando leaves, someone else enters. Cad Bane. One of the most badass bounty hunters in the galaxy and best known from The Clone Wars. I once read that Cad would shoot a baby in the face if you paid him enough money.


There is a good ol’ fashion Western showdown, which was great. Although who you think is dead isn’t dead. I’ll put money on it.

Now cut back to Garsa Fwips bar and in walk two Pyke guys with a box. They order a drink and leave, forgetting their box, which is, duh duh dunn, a bomb!


The series ends with Luke and Grogu. Luke is being a pain in the ass. He has the gift from Mando – a little chainmail suit – and Yoda’s lightsaber. He tells Grogu he can have one or the other. If he takes that armour, he can’t train as a Jedi. If he becomes a Jedi, he can’t be friends with Mando anymore.

This was a bit like saying: “OK, you can have a puppy or a kitten, but whichever one you don’t pick will be put down!”

The episode ends on the face of Grogu and cuts before he makes a choice.

End Of Spoilers

I don’t know. There’s a huge war brewing on Tatooine, but we are on Luke and Grogu. Boba had zero to say in this episode, so again The Book of Boba Fett had very little Boba Fett in it. The decision that Grogu has to make is something I just don’t understand.

I’m going to guess that Grogu chooses Mando and they have him back for series 3. This will be a complete cop-out and also because they need to carry on selling toys. I know I sound cynical, but come on. It’s Disney. I trust them as much as I do a tiger with my nutsack.


How do you think the series will end next week? Was all the choice stuff good or bad?

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