Episode 3 of The Book of Boba Fett is now on streaming and I’ve just finished it. As always, there are some spoilers so be warned before reading on.

If you have been reading these reviews you will know I’ve not been blown away by the series so far. We’re now in the third episode and I am still just not feeling it yet.

Episode 3 starts with a recap. This is followed by some plot exposition about which gangs are running which sectors in Mos Espa by the droid 8D8, played by Matt Berry. It basically explains that the city split into 3 sections after Jabba died.


I will point this out again, but there is mention that Bib Fortuna tried to take over the areas Jabba ran after the “sail barge incident”. That would be the same incident that Bib was part of. If you watch Return of the Jedi it is clear Bib is on the sail barge, the one that is blown to pieces! It’s not like Dave and Jon to overlook a mistake like this.

Anyway, in comes a local water trader called Loretta Peel, played by Stephen Root. He explains there is a small gang of youths that have been stealing his water and if Boba wants any respect, he needs to deal with it.

Boba and Fennec go to investigate and find the gang of bikers. They explain they did steal the water but only because Peel is over-charging for it. The gang doesn’t have any work to pay for it. I found this odd. They don’t have any work or money, but they do have brand new bikes with custom paint jobs to ride around on.


Boba says they can work for him and that pisses off Peel. This doesn’t really help the story, other than show Boba getting a bigger gang.

Back in Boba’s Bacta Bath and it is flashback time. Boba goes to collect the protection money from the Pikes – the fast train owners from last week – but they have already paid another gang for protection. The same gang that Boba stole all the speeder bikes from. It seems the best business to have on Tattooine is selling speeder bikes.

In the flashback, you see Peli Motto and her three droids from Mando to remind you this is all based in the same universe. It’s not easy to forget, since it is pretty much the same show as Mando, but just all set on Tattooine.

Still in the flashback, we learn that the Sand People that Boba was living with were all killed by the other biker gang. Boba is upset about this, which was a touching moment. This was then ruined, since he burned their bodies and his rifle and gaffi stick, only to still have his gaffi stick back in the present day.

While Boba is in Boba’s Bacta Bath, the big ass Wookie called Krrsantan from last week drags him out and starts to whale on him. This had promise since Han Solo once said that wookies can tear the arms from people. This should be a good fight! But no, Krrsantan obviously cannot rip the arms off Boba. Firstly because this is Boba’s show and, secondly, it would be way too graphic for a Disney+.

The fight grows and Krrasantan ends up trapped in the empty Rancor pit. This bit annoying as the assassination attempt was supposed to happen at night when everyone is asleep. Yet somehow Fennec is fully dressed and ready to go. I was hoping she slept in naughty negligee or perhaps nude. Anyway, I digress…


The Twin Hutts turn up to say sorry for trying to kill Boba and offer him a baby rancor as a gift. Enter the second cameo, Danny Trejo as the new rancor handler. It was great to see him, simply coz he is feckin’ cool!

Trejo explains that rancors are just massive birds and attach themselves to the first thing they see. Boba says he likes the pet, wants to learn to ride it and Trejo lets the rancor bond with Boba. Awwww.


Boba and Fennec then have to run off to the mayor’s office for reasons. Honestly I forget what, but I don’t think it was that important. When they get there, the mayor has buggered off and it ends in a chase between the mayor’s aide and the biker gang. This was another lackluster chase with about as much tension as a stick of butter. Shame.

It turns out the mayor had made a deal with the Pikes and more of them are arriving in Mos Espa, probably to build to some finale at the end of the series.

As I said, I’m still not being blown away by this. It seems everyone in Mos Espa couldn’t give a shit who Boba is and couldn’t care less about him as a bad-ass bounty hunter. No one has any respect for him, and it just seems embarrassing.

It was good seeing Stephen Root and Danny Trejo. I love both of them and they are both very underrated actors, but nothing was really done with them. It was just turn up, say a few lines, and back home in time for tea.

The biker gang was pretty cringeworthy. The leader of the gang, Drash, played by Sophie Thatcher is the stereotypical “rough teenage girl tom-boy who grew up on the streets” type of character that we have seen a thousand times before. The rest of the gang were just well-dressed hooligans. In the UK, back in the 60s there was a gang called the Mods that used to ride around on mopeds (small motorbikes) and they just looked like them!

I give this week’s episode 2 stars, but that’s mostly for the cameos. I am still holding out hope that the series picks up because at the moment it’s doing nothing for me at all.

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