We like directors who start off small time but then, through hard work and talent, make it big. Rob Savage, the director of the new movie The Boogeyman, is like that.

His first big hit was Host. He made that over the pandemic. It was about an online seance that goes bad, or well, depending on how you look at it. It’s a simple movie but well made and well directed.

Then he directed Dashcam, one of Shawn Ts favorite movies of all time. Again, a very well-made movie mostly shot from one camera.

Savage has just finished directing a movie for 20th Century Fox entitled The Boogeyman, based on a short story from Stephen King. Here is the trailer.

On the one hand, I’m looking forward to seeing what Savage can do with a bigger budget. On the other hand, it’s King, who quite often misses the ending, see Mr Hannagan’s Phone. The story for The Boogeyman is:

“A psychiatrist, where a man named Lester Billings talks to the doctor about the “murders” of his three young children, describing the events of the past several years. His first two children died mysteriously of apparently unrelated causes (diagnosed as crib death and convulsions, respectively) when left alone in their bedrooms. The only commonalities were that the children cried “Boogeyman!” before being left alone, and the closet door ajar after discovering their corpses, even though Billings is certain the door was shut.”

In this day and age, where most horror is just churned out, I’m looking forward to this and hoping it’s one of those better horrors.

The Boogeyman will be in cinemas 2nd June.

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