TV in 2022 has been a mixed bag, from some really great shows which are below, to some truly terrible shows like She-Hulk, The Witcher: Blood Origins, and Willow. You have voted and here are the results.

Special Mention – The Terminal List

This is not on the list, which was completely my Drunken Yoda’s fault, but it did deserve a mention since it was a pretty decent show. I’m sure it would have been in the top ten, but my Drunken Yoda’s bad for missing it off the list.

10th – Cobra Kai

This is one of those series that shouldn’t do that well, but, it’s just so much fun to watch It’s a soap opera but with Karate. They do keep bringing characters back, so here’s a sneak peek at the next series.

9th – 1883

I haven’t seen this, but I know a few of you have, since it’s in the top ten. It follows the Dutton family in the Old West. It’s written by Taylor Sheridan, who is building a very good resume of watchable TV and movies.

8th – Tulsa King

Another one on my list to binge in 2023 and another one by Sheridan. This time following Sly Stallone as he embraces his age, and starts to build a new criminal empire in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A new IP for 2022 and you liked it.

7th – Yellowstone

Another Sheridan production, this is has now had 5 seasons, and this year’s seemed just as good as the others. It must be, you put it in the top ten.

6th – Andor

The grown up Star Wars series that was, too little too late. Most of the other Disney series have just been “churned out” but Andor had a different set of writers and production staff. The result was that most of you enjoyed it.


5th – House of Dragon

Again, I’m going to say this one is a bit of a surprise since it’s a sequel to Game of Thrones and that ended terribly, but this new series was actually good. A pleasant surprise to everyone.

4th – Stranger Things

Personally, I don’t think there’s been a bad season of Stranger Things. It’s got 80’s nostalgia, Force Powers, a great cast, and monsters. Season 4 was a treat to watch, all 45 hours of it.

3rd – Severance

This was a great series and an original IP for 2022, which was a nice change. People go to work but have their minds wiped about the outside world until they leave for the day. It was very clever and ended on a cliffhanger, so roll on season 2.

2nd – Reacher

We had lil’ Tom Cruise playing Reacher in two movies, but this series had “man god” Alan Ritchson playing him in a series based on the Lee Child books. It was clever, funny, and brutal in places. Just a great murder mystery with added violence.

1st – Better Call Saul

Let me start by saying, the voting between this and Reacher was very close, in fact only 1 vote in it.

This originally started off as a spin-off from Breaking Bad, following the trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill before he met up with Walter and Jesse.

Better Call Saul
Saul Goodman, a better show about a lawyer than She-Hulk.

Bob Odenkirk was perfectly cast in the series, which ended in this sixth season. Again, it’s on my watch list but I have been told it was a perfect way to end it.

So there you have it, your top TV of 2022. There are a few I need to get watching that are straight onto my list. Have you seen them all? Did you agree with the list?

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