We’ve done the best movies of 2022 and the results will be posted before the end of the year, so now it’s time for the small screen and you’re best TV series of 2022.

This was quite an extensive list as I was going through them. Again, I may have missed some things, but they are the major series that everyone was talking about. If I have missed off any little gems, mention them in the chat.

I have deliberately left certain things off, like She-Hulk for example, since I know that most of you Outposters have an IQ over room temperature, so no one was going to vote for it.

She Hulk 2

Things like Andor have split people, I know I wasn’t a fan, but everyone seemed to love it as a ‘grown-up Star Wars’. I will give it another chance, but not just yet.

While making this list, I found things like Slow Horses, which I had never heard of until now, but thought it looks good, but then, most things starring Gary Oldman are generally pretty good.

A lot of the TV had a new series this year, which I have included, but there have been new shows, like House of Dragon, although that’s not new since it’s a prequel.

Anyway, you have 5 votes each, so pick your best ones and we’ll let everyone know before New Years.

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What was the best TV series of 2022?
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