Well, we know what you didn’t like. The Worst Movie of 2022 was The Woman King, and rightly so. I know we’re all a bunch of miserable sods at the best of times, but, with the Christmas spirit entering us all, let’s be Scrooge on Christmas morning.


What Was The Best Movie Of 2022?

Going through the list of movies again, it was pretty difficult to find a strong list of good things. I have kept the list to the bigger movies of the year. I would like to have put on Mad God by Phil Tippett, but it wasn’t exactly huge.

I’ve also left off one or two that were on the worst list. Honestly, who would have voted for Morbius or Dr Strange Multi-verse of Madness as the top movies of 2022?


As I said, the list is pretty mainstream, so if you think other movies should be on the list, put them in the comments at least. There have been some hidden gems, but again they just weren’t big.

You get to vote for your top 5, but in no particular order.

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What was the best movie of 2022?
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We’re also going to get up a poll for the best TV shows of the 2022, which again, isn’t a long list but it might give you a few ideas for a binge watch over the holidays.

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