Last week, I posted an article about Who is the best movie bad guy of all time. The response was amazing, I had nearly 4 emails and the talkback was great.

The voting still as a week to go, the last count will be this Sunday at midnight (UK time).

So far, there are over 100 names, just need to some more votes to get them in an order.

You can email me: [email protected] and I’ll count the talkback as well. We’ll have a 100 – 51, which probably won’t be in any order. Then 50 – 11, in order. The top ten will be a write up and probably a video as well.

It’s all a bit of fun of who you think is the best bad guy in a movie or TV series. There are some that haven’t been mentioned, but if you want to mention them again and put a like to who you think should win.

Some more names to consider:

  • T-1000 – T2
  • The Child Catcher – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Pennywise – It
  • Standsfield – Leon: The Professional
  • Percy – The Green Mile
  • Zorg – The Fifth Element
  • Satan – Constantine
  • Asami – Audition

If you look at last weeks, try not to repeat any of the names. Post some new ones, maybe that might have slipped down the line a bit.

Just a few days left to vote, so get them in and we’ll announce the winner soon.

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