Apple TV+’s First British Series

Apple TV has announced the release date for its first TV+ project with Steven Spielberg, the remake of Amazing Stories.

Spielberg’s Amazing Stories lasted two seasons from 1985-1987 and had memorable episodes like Santa Claus getting arrested and a teenager getting magnetized by a meteor. Each episode was a standalone half-hour story, like Twilight Zone, but the twists usually had a more hopeful message and resolution than Rod Serling’s darker turns.

Amazing Stories has quite the legacy to live up to since it features stories directed by the likes of Joe Dante, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Irvin Kirshner, Robert Zemeckis, Brad Bird, Tobe Hooper, and The Beard himself.

A-list cast with stars like Kevin Costner, Patrick Swayze, Charles Durning, Gregory Hines, Sid Caesar, Harvey Keitel, Eve Arden, David Carradine, James Cromwell, Jon Cryer, Mark Hamill, John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd, Charlie Sheen, Loni Anderson, Sondra Locke (and more) appeared on the show.

Hopefully, there’s something good behind the scenes brewing with the filmmakers on board, and perhaps, just perhaps, we’ll be looking at a new wave of filmmakers.

Amazing Stories stars include Dylan O’Brien, Victoria Pedretti, Josh Holloway, Sasha Alexander and what will be the final performance given by the late Robert Forster. Directors include Chris Long, Michael Dinner, Susanna Fogel and Sylvain White.

Amazing Stories will premiere Friday, March 6 with the first five episodes, including “The Rift” for which Apple released a new image, which you can see here –

The revival of the series has been one of the cornerstones of Apple’s originals slate, but this is the first word we’ve gotten on when the show will arrive.