The slow-motion car-crash that is Batwoman continues on the CW. The disastrous show has lost its lead actress, destroyed any goodwill it had from the fanbase, and then cratered so hard in the ratings that they are going to need shovels and head-torches to find it.

The ratings are record-breaking, in entirely the wrong direction. Sunday’s episode had fewer than 450,000 viewers and was down over 100,000 from the already poor 550,000 viewers of the week before.

This was after a big announcement that Krypton actress Wallis Day has been hired to play a recast Kate Kane, taking over from Ruby Rose who left Batwoman after just one season.

How the reappearance of Kate Kane will be handled, when the cowl is currently inhabited by Javicia Leslie as new lead Ryan Wilder, remains to be seen.

Somehow the show seems destined to limp on for at least a little while. Like a boxer that has taken numerous headshots, you wonder what could possibly be keeping it on its feet. However, it has somehow been renewed for a third season.

The existing Arrow-verse has also been renewed here it is still running. They had better do one hell of a crossover to drag the characters out of this as these rookie numbers mean a fourth season should not be a possibility.

This week’s episode introduced Peter Outerbridge as Black Mask and laid out that he is responsible for Kate Kane’s disappearance and is currently holding her, unconscious, as his prisoner.

Those of you still watching can see what happens next on Sunday. The rest of us will watch Top Gear or something.

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