This Is Looking Good, Yo!

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is currently filming in Glasgow, and photos of the production dropped today revealing the new bat suit and a new bat bike.

Glasgow’s Necropolis is a Victorian-era Gothic cemetery in the heart of the city, and with filming well underway, today, somebody snapped Robert Pattinson’s double, suited and booted, and cruising around the tombs and crypts on a bat-shaped bike.

Here are the pics –

The suit looks a bit like the one from Zero Year, following Batman in his earlier adventures, against the Red Hood, Doctor Death, and the Riddler, who turned Gotham City into an electricity-less prison where he tortures residents with egomaniacal riddles.

Along with these images, @Dbsage_ posted this video to Twitter –

The Batman hits theaters on June 25th, 2021.