Among the working lunches and cocktail parties out in the desert, there are some presentations happening at Caesar’s Palace as part of CinemaCon too. Warner Bros. Pictures has used theirs to, among other things, officially announce a sequel to The Batman.


Robert Pattinson will return, as will director Matt Reeves, therefore showing that several online outlets were basically just making stuff up as they went along about Pattinson, Reeves, on set tension, and his time in the role being one and done.

No further dates for filming, release dates, or casting were discussed.

The dark, gritty film noir telling of Batman’s second year patrolling Gotham was a huge hit but very long. Three hours of Batman! It still made $759 million despite the long run-time, pandemic hangover, and HBO Max release in just 45 days.

The Batman Se7en

Speaking of the HBO Max release, apparently, The Batman has done stratospheric numbers on the streamer and other home rental channels. This would seem to point to the shorter window, but a commitment to theatrical release while owning your own streamer, is a model that works for Warner Bros. Murmurs from inside Warner Bros. are that it did bigger numbers than releases in the pandemic that were 100% on HBO Max releases.

The Batman has split fans to a degree. Not 50/50 and not with a big critic vs. fans schism, but from online conversations it seems that those that don’t like it, really, really don’t like it. Those that like it, really appreciated the difference from other versions of the Caped Crusader.

Now that the dust has settled, what did you think? Did you revisit the movie at home? How did the 45 days work out for you?

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