Maybe your first Batman was accompanied by the funky beats of the 60s TV show?  Maybe it was Danny Elfman’s theme to accompany the new, darker Batman of the Tim Burton movies?  Or Hans Zimmer and his pulsing, pounding mood music from the Nolan movies?

Either way, if it has never reached the iconic status of John Williams and his Superman score, all Batman themes have been recognisable and added massively to the mood and tone of the Bat-version they accompany.

Production on The Batman may be paused due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped composer Michael Giacchino talking about his plans for the music to accompany Robert Pattinson in the role.

In an interview with Collider he recently said his goal is to bring something new to the mix, and he outlined he has been given no restrictions on where he can go and what he can do with the work:

“I felt total freedom to do whatever I want. Matt always agreed, this is our Batman, this is our vision. In the same way that I always loved, what I still do about Batman comics and graphic novels is that each of these artist, each of these authors they take their own crack at what they want this to be. It’s their version of Batman.

I’m not the kind of person that says Batman must always be this. It’s like no, why? It can be whatever the artist wants to be and it has over the years done that, many times over. I love the idea of taking something and just kind of doing our version of it.”

He confirms that he already has some music nailed, and that the music in the shirt Batsuit reveal video posted recently online was from his early work on the movie.

“I did go over and record that for that. We recorded a bunch of other music as well for it, a bunch of themes and things that nobody has heard yet. But they’ll all be popping up as the film gets underway again and starts getting back to production, and life gets back to normal, hopefully soon.”

With no word yet on when movies like The Batman May start production again due to the pandemic, if you want to hear his work then Jurassic World and The Incredibles while self-isolating remain your best hope.

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