Long suspected, often rumored. Now confirmed. As DC uses The Flash to unlock its movie multiverse, it means that The Batman and Joker both exist within the DCEU, but in a separate reality within that multiverse.

In the case of The Batman that will be Earth-2. This alternate Earth is known to DC comic fans and entirely separates Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne from Ben Affleck. The Justice League still exists, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Kal-El / Clark Kent in the form of Henry Cavill. All still out there, just in a separate reality.

This news was snuck out via The Hollywood Reporter as part of the breaking story that New Gods and The Trench were canceled.

Earth-2 has already appeared in DC television shows like Arrow and The Flash.

The Batman will kick off an Earth-2 shared universe including the limited spin-off Gotham PD, set around the Gotham City Police Department. The potential for crossovers within Earth-2 then sets opened up. Will this include Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker?

J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ upcoming attempt to reboot Superman in some manner has been rumored to be looking for a black actor to play Superman. If it is set on Earth-2 as well then Val-Zod comes into play.

Val-Zod was an alternate last Krypton who also took on the mantle of Superman. Before any of this can start, we need to finally get The Batman into theatres, or onto HBO Max depending on what sort of shape the exhibitor industry is in next year. Ahead of that a new synopsis for that movie has been released:

“The Batman follows the early days of the Caped Crusader and focuses on a young Bruce Wayne who has become disheartened by the lack of impact he is having on crime in Gotham.

When a series of murders occur at the hands of The Riddler, he finds the Batman is needed more than ever. As he is led down a path that will reveal dark secrets about his parents, Bruce is forced to confront the corruption going on in the shadows of his city, all while trying to catch The Riddler before he kills again.”

The Batman is now set, after many delays, for March 4, 2022.

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