Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a new cartoon by the folks who brought you The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels and continues Dave Feloni’s winning streak. Here is your The Bad Batch review.

As much as everyone is irritated with Star Wars these days, it’s really centered around the sequel abortions. Outside of that, has it been that bad? Let’s take a look at the scorecard.

The Force Awakens: Tolerable Crap.

Rogue One: Crap characterizations but a pretty good plot.

The Last Jedi: The crap that doesn’t flush and floods your bathroom.

Solo: Underrated heist movie that was filmed through a layer of crap on the lens.

Rise Of Skywalker: Insane mess of crap.

The Mandalorian: No crap to be found.

Final Season of Clone Wars: Satisfying wrap up of a good series.

Rebels: Good series with few crap episodes.

Really if you take away the sequel trilogy, it hasn’t been as bad as we think. The problem is that the sequels are weighted heavily in the scorecard. In other words, when they didn’t work, it pulled down everything. That’s how bad the damage was done by The Last Jedi is.

So now everything is under a heavy amount of scrutiny it might not have otherwise gotten. Every possible social justice moment hits our radars with intense sensitivity when really, Feloni and Favreau clearly don’t have much interest in doing that. We all know who is the problem.

Evil Kathleen Kennedy
How did this picture get here? Weird.

So with all that being said, I’m really trying to balance knowing who is (and most importantly who ISN’T) involved, recency bias, and my general desire to just love all things Star Wars

With all that out of the way, I really enjoyed the hell out of The Bad Batch. It starts up directly after The Clone Wars/Revenge Of The Sith. We get a very nice cameo that makes sense within the overall story right before Order 66 hits. It turns out the boys are not susceptible to inhibitor chip like the rest of the clones… for the most part.

They head back to base and are tested by Tarkin who really doesn’t like clones. I always wondered why the Empire would trade in very competent clones for conscriptions who can’t hit the broadside of a barn. The answer? Bureaucratic incompetence. Conscription is cheaper.

I gotta say I really like that. Having dealt with governments and giant corporations, the one thing I can definitively say they have in common is the bigger they are, the more incompetent they can become. Anyone who has had to deal with some weird government regulation or a private corporation’s HR department can attest to that. Spending a dollar to save dime, as they say. It happens and I would say the Empire would be no different.

The boys are seeing the rest of the clones have all changed in subtle ways. Mostly just by being more surely and wanting to follow orders. It ends up so bad, they have a brawl in the mess hall.

A female clone of Jango named Omega has latched on to the bad batch somewhat because she has a few skills she doesn’t know about, but mostly because she feels a kinship to them. She also is a mutation in a way, a clone that didn’t turn out correctly. She’s pretty cool, not annoying and being able to shoot well makes sense given how these guys are set up with the genetic soup and all.

She makes some trouble defending the guys and is willing to take responsibility for it. You can’t help but like her.

Star Wars The Bad Batch

Obviously clones that can’t be controlled can’t be kept around so things go bad for them very quickly. I’ll leave the rest to you guys but it all flows well. For over an hour long episode, it went briskly and never felt like there was a bunch of filler or anything.

Dee Bradly Baker has to pull quintuple duty plus since he voices all the main characters plus various clones. He does a magnificent job of keeping them sound like clones but giving them all a distinctive voice. Really is an underrated voice actor and needs some more love.

Overall I really like this show so far, but as for a nitpick, Lucasfilm is really trying to make Saw Gerrera a thing. He’s not a thing. No one cares that much about him. I barely remembered him from the original series and he keeps popping up to my everlasting shrug.

Give it a shot. I’d love to hear your opinions down below! Did you like it? Have you had enough of all things Star Wars? Sound off!