Here’s your mid-season review of The Bad Batch!

Sometimes things fly under the radar that are actually pretty damn good. The Suicide Squad tanked, I would guess the reasons being between the disease that shall not be named and its predecessor’s terrible story. Star Wars has not been doing well outside of anything named The Mandalorian. 

But The Bad Batch is actually quite good. Following in the footsteps of Clone Wars, it continues to fill in the gaps between movies, in this case the days just following the rise of the Empire.

One of the big questions that have been answered is what happened to Kamino? Why is cloning no longer a viable option? The bigger backdrop of the goings-on with the Empire and its eventual transformation into what we know in A New Hope are shown here, through a small band of rogue clones just trying to stay out of trouble and not serve an Empire they believe is wrong.

The dynamics between the clones are good, with one deciding to stay with the Empire and continuing to hunt them as well as a little girl clone that has joined them. The clones have to become surrogate father figures with Hunter, the leader, being at the top of that list. Wrecker plays a big fun brother to her. Echo and Tech are the least developed of the characters and I’d like to see that change a bit.

Omega Bad Batch
Not Annoying! How refreshing.

They do go on various missions to survive, mercenary, privateer type stuff. Of course the struggle against the Empire keeps intruding into their lives whether they want it to or not. They will have to make a choice, to fight against the empire or join it at some point. Or die.

There’s no wokism going on in this show, it’s just quietly telling a good story. The little girl, Omega, is competent as a female clone but makes mistakes and gets in over her head sometimes too. She also cares a great deal for her brothers and clear needs Hunter as her father figure. The dynamic is nice. It makes it easy to connect with and root for these characters.

It’s also putting out a lot of episodes. I believe we’re up to 13 so far and no stopping it yet. Remember when series used to put out 22-24 episodes a season? Now you’re lucky to get 8. Part of that is the wise decision to tell individual stories with occasional two-parters that grow the characters. Still, they never seem to lose sight of the over-arching storyline either. It’s a delicate balance and Feloni, who now is on his 3rd animated series, has the balance down pat.

So I’d say give it a go. If you still like Star Wars or at least would like to see some competent story-telling, you can’t go too wrong with this one.