First they said there wasn’t enough women represented in cinema. So they start to make more female-centric movies. Good luck to them. However the permanently offended class won’t let that stop them from having a good whine. Now, apparently, the problem is that it’s the wrong type of women.

The 355 is a female-led spy thriller featuring an incredibly strong cast of highly respected female actors from around the world. Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger and Fan Bingbing. So far, so good, right? But wait! Offence must be taken at something, anything!

And as sure as night follows day, the Twitterati have whipped themselves up into another pointless frenzy so we can all point and laugh at them.

Chastain (USA), Kruger (Germany) and Fan (China) all play spies who represent agencies from the countries of the actresses’ birth. Nyong’o was born in Mexico, studied in the US and worked there most of her life. However she is playing the operative from the UK. This is not the issue. After all, she’s an actress. This is what they do. They act. If Lupita Nyong’o wants to act British then more power to her.

That is not the issue. The thing that has got social media into one of it’s standard fits, and even a attracted an Op-Ed piece is Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. Cruz will be playing a Colombian.

You see, in the twisted little world of the woke Twitterati and commentators who think Twitter is the real world, it’s perfectly acceptable for a Mexican/Kenyan actress with US Citizenship to play a Brit. However for some reason it’s completely unacceptable for a Spanish actress to play a Colombian. Seriously, can somebody please tell me what the new rules are, as I genuinely don’t seem to understand them?

According to the scream, not every Hispanic person is Latino. Jessica Chastain gamely spoke up in defense in her role as both star and producer. Which is more than I would have done. My statement would have begun with “F” and ended with “F”, but I don’t get to make Hollywood decisions. Here is what she said via The Playlist:

“When I had the idea of making this film, we didn’t have a script or financing. Penelope was incredibly helpful in this regard. After conversations with our consultant, I brought her the idea that she could play a fervent agent from Brazil. She mentioned that it wouldn’t be right for her to play a character from Brazil, as the majority language is Portuguese.

I realized that Colombia has a rich ethnic heritage, with approximately 80% of the population having European or mixed European heritage. We settled on a character who is a descendant from the colonization of Spain in the New World.”

The explanation seems reasonable, so expect it to be completely unacceptable to those doing the shouting. Chastain herself was an activist in Hollywood calling for more diversity and was heavily involved in the pay equity movement. The irony is, therefore, not lost on us. Here is the trailer:

The 355 is due January 15th 2021 but who knows if that date will hold anymore?