We’ve done Top 10 lists for Batman and the X-Men now its Spidey’s turn. Like the other lists, this one is heavy on nostalgia so don’t expect to see much on here after Ronald Reagan was no longer POTUS.  In addition to Spider-Man, I took into consideration the villains and the supporting cast in these rankings as well.

1. John Romita Sr.

Jazzy Johnny. Ring-A-Ding Romita. JR Sr. No matter what you call him there’s no denying the impact he had on Peter Parker and the rest of the characters in Spidey’s world. His artwork and Romance comic stylings became the gold standard on the character for decades imitated by pretty much everyone else until Todd McFarlane came along.

2. Steve Ditko

Ditko’s weird and quirky style really worked well for Spider-Man and his supporting cast. An awkward, nerdy teen needed some awkward artwork and for over 40 issues (including Annuals) Ditko delivered in spades.


3. Gil Kane

Kane is probably my personal favorite Spider-Man artist (especially when inked by Romita Sr.) even though he didn’t really break new ground the way Ditko or Romita did there is no denying his work on the character was awesome.

4. Ross Andru

Andru followed Kane on Spider-Man and he follows him on this list.

5. John Romita Jr.

John Romita Jr. did a lot of kick-ass Spider-Man artwork on the character in the 1980s including drawing the early Hobgoblin appearances. I’m not a fan of his newer art, however.


6. Todd McFarlane

Why is Todd so low on this list? Simple: His Peter Parker and MJ are terrible.

7. Ron Frenz

Frenz had some of the quirkiness of Ditko but mixed it with his own style and it really worked.

8. Mark Bagley

Bagley has worked on the Spider-Man for many years and drew over 100 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man. Drawing more inspiration from more modern artists his stuff is solid and works for the character.

9. Sal Buscema

Sal had a lengthy run on Spectacular Spider-Man and his version of the characters were solid if not mind-blowingly awesome.


10. John Buscema

Big John didn’t work on Spidey very frequently but when he did it was always great. Had he drawn the character more often he would be much higher on this list. His work on the second Superman/Spider-Man team-up is legendary.