Batman has had a ton of great pencillers over the last 81 years.

But who are the best of the best, the crème de la crème?

Well, LMO is here to tell you with this highly opinionated Top 10 list. The criteria are they had to draw more than five issues and they can be on any Bat-Title (so World’s Finest, Detective Comics, and Shadow of the Bat, etc. are all fair game). This was a tough list to compile and some big names are left out (Frank Miller isn’t on here because his art has been horrible for decades).

1. Neal Adams

Neal Adams revitalized the look of Batman’s cowl, taking him back to his early Golden Age roots, which became the industry standard for decades (his influence is all over this list). He created the original designs for characters like Talia, Ra’s al Ghul, and Man-Bat. He also modernized Two-Face in 1971 and drew arguably the most iconic Joker cover of all time in 1973.

2. Dick Sprang

Dick Sprang was THE Batman artist from the late 40s through the 50s. He was the artist that created the iconic look that The Riddler is most known for to this day. He also gave Batman great set pieces for his adventures (like Giant Typewriters) and a visually iconic Rogue’s Gallery that has been loved by fans for over 70 years.

3. Jim Lee

In 2003, Lee worked with Jeph Loeb on what became one of Batman’s seminal storylines when they created the 12-issue story Batman: Hush. He followed this up with All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder. His redesign of Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery during these series is a big part of why his tenure on the character is so highly regarded.

4. Norm Breyfogle

Norm Breyfogle drew on Batman from 1987 until 1995 and worked on some of the Caped Crusader’s most iconic stories of that era.  Together with Alan Grant he introduced several popular villains and allies, including Ventriloquist, Ratcatcher and Anarky.

5. Jim Aparo

Aparo drew 100 consecutive issues of The Brave and the Bold in addition to having art duties on Death in the Family and A Lonely Place of Dying amongst other memorable stories.

6. George Perez

Like Neal Adams and Jim Lee on this list ahead of him George Perez is one of the biggest icons in comic book history. He drew Batman mostly in team books like JLA and The New Teen Titans but he also had art duties on the 2 big event stories for Batman in 1989-1990; Batman: Year 3 and A Lonely Place of Dying.


7. Jerry Robinson

The best Batman artist of the early years of The Caped Crusader. Robinson and Bill Finger created both Robin and the Joker. Bob Kane store credit for creating the characters as well as drawing the stories (the same as he did to Sprang and guys like Shelly Moldoff).

8. Marshall Rogers

Rogers drew “The Laughing Fish” story, which automatically gets him on the list. He only drew about 6 issues in the late 70s on Detective Comics.

9. Carmine Infantino

Infantino redesigned Batman’s costume adding the yellow oval in 1964 as the character’s titles were on the verge of cancellation due to poor sales. His run was a big influence of the Batman TV series, which debuted in 1966.

10. Alan Davis

Alan Davis worked on Batman in the 1980s on Batman and the Outsiders and Detective Comics. The storylines for Batman: Year 2 and the follow-up Full Circle were a huge influence on the animated movie Mask of the Phantasm.