There is much talk around She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. As expected, it is the latest battleground in the culture war.

On one side are those pointing and laughing at it’s tin-eared, foam-brained attempts at third wave feminist messages which, as is usual for Hollywood, are clumsy, obvious, un-moderated and can only be landed by practicing misandry. On the other side are the kind of people who swarm Twitter to talk about how its messages are “important” and “inspirational”.

“Check out my strong, powerful bewbs!”

Another focus of discussion after the first episode was THAT running joke about the sex life of Captain America. Leaving aside the fact that an outrage would be caused should a discussion like this focus on Black Widow or Captain Marvel – watch those double standards ladies – the show actually wen through with it.

Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) get into a discussion in which Bruce reveals that Cap lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour.

In an interview with io9 (as reported by the ever-reliable Dark Horizons), showrunner Jessica Gao reveals it was Kevin Feige who came up with the scenario:

“Kevin was really into that joke, and he actually was the one who volunteered the answer to that question. I couldn’t believe that we got to definitively settle that issue once and for all.”

Wracking our brains here we are trying to think of a portrayal of sexy-time, or even a hint of it beyond kissing, in the MCU and we just can’t. It just doesn’t really happen in the MCU. So why here and why now?:

“Our philosophy was really just like let’s just do things until they tell us we can’t because if you start asking for permission too much, then you’re giving people a chance to say no.

What have we always wanted to see in the MCU? There are some things like Captain America’s virginity that really surprised us that it kept going.”

Will we see other Marvel characters in this entry in the MCU? We have already seen Daredevil appear. In a follow-up interview with TV Line Gao said they wanted Spidey but it wasn’t possible:

“We knew innately that Spider-Man was a no-go. We thought maybe some of the other characters in Spider-Man might be fun to bring into our world, but we were told pretty early on that that was impossible, so we didn’t really go too far down the road. We just had a couple of Spider-Man supernerds in our room who dare to dream!”

She-Hulk: Attorney-at-Law will be releasing new episodes every week until October 13th. The MCU itself is at something of a crossroads now. Phase 5 will introduce some big names, sorely needed after Phase 4 fizzled in the post Avengers: Endgame malaise. The remaining big hitter from the original key trio, Thor, was not well served by Thor: Love And Thunder which was too comedic for it’s own good, especially with the subject matter it had to portray.

It is safe to say that our reviewer was not a big fan of She-Hulk either.


With Ms. Marvel reportedly performing way below expectations, numbers wise, on Disney+ can the streamer afford another Marvel dud when that content used to be so reliably well performing? People will be watching and crunching data.

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