Well, that is that.  It’s over.  It’s dead.  Deceased.  It is an ex-franchise.  Not even China can save you this time.

The numbers are in and it’s depressing reading for anyone with any money in this thing. Paramount, Skydance, Fox, Tencent, TSG, and Lightstorm are all taking a bath.  Not even James Cameron as the producer had any box office impact. Terminator: Dark Fate is dead on arrival, and it killed the franchise with it.

A $72.9 million opening weekend from 48 international territories, with a weak $29 million in North America.  With the first week grosses from early opening regions, it’s looking at a $123 million take.  This is way below expectations and doesn’t bode well for a movie that cost $185 million before any marketing costs or distribution fees.

China, often the saviour of the mediocre box-office, stayed at home with a soft $28 million start.

As the inquest now starts into what went wrong, is it time to declare a certain cinematic trend as dead or dying?  When a sci-fi action movie about killer cyborgs from the future seeks a new core audience, should Hollywood be surprised when they completely fail to turn up?

And will Hollywood actually start to learn now that real people are losing real money?

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