Something was going to have to give. With the studio and director insisting PVOD was not an option they needed to find a way. As the rest of the world starts to open up theatres the pipeline of new product was going to have to be made to flow.

And flow it may, as Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly speaking to international exhibitors about a varied geographical release for Christoper Nolan’s Tenet at the end of August.

Variety Reported that theatre owners across Europe have been told to plan for an August 26th release that will not be dependent on the situation in the USA. It’s not settled yet, but they report the discussions are going well.

The studio is also aiming to release the film ahead of the USA in Asia. Studio heads were apparently turned by the large scale opening of theatres in China while Train To Busan sequel Peninsula got big rewards at the box-office out East.

Warners has already mentioned that they were no longer tied to a global synchronised release. The main reason for such releases is to avoid piracy however studios now have to start leveraging their products if they are to survive, and the US theatre situation show little signs of improving.