AMC has released a teaser for the upcoming final season for Breaking Bad prequel series, Better Call Saul starring Bob Odenkirk.

Better Call Saul

The show’s final season has yet to set a premiere date, but this brief promo does promise the return of some familiar faces as the Salamanca twins Leonel (Daniel Moncada) and Marco (Luis Moncada) appear.

Their ominous shadows open up the scene, which sees their signature skull-toed boots approach a crime scene.

While it’s been nearly two years since the Season 5 finale, folks will recall the ambush on Lalo (Tony Dalton) and the Salamanca family’s compound, courtesy of Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) and his green light call from mole Nacho (Michael Mando).

It would seem that the crime scene the Salamanca twins are entering belongs to the aftermath of this night in which several family members were slain.

Here it is:

Along with Odenkirk, the series stars several returning faces from the original series, including Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut and Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring. Michael Mando and Rhea Seehorn also star as Ignacio “Nacho” Varga and Kim Wexler, respectively.

Production of the final season of Better Call Saul began in March 2021 with a brief pause after Odenkirk’s heart attack in July.

Better Call Saul

Production continued as Odenkirk recovered, focusing on scenes that did not contain Saul Goodman.

Odenkirk returned to set in early September, and it is not believed that his schedule has affected the release date in any substantial way.

Better Call Saul

Perhaps there is an April premiere for Better Call Saul on the horizon.

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