Those rumors around Aaron Taylor-Johnson being in pole position for the next James Bond simply will not go away and now they are growing. According to one newspaper, he has already filmed footage for the classic 007 gun barrel teaser opening.


Now this is the Sun newspaper in the UK, so this doesn’t even qualify for rumor control. This is basically to be taken with the kind of pinch of salt that would make Salt Bae look like he was watching his blood pressure. However these rumors do tend not to have come out of nowhere.

The Kick-Ass, Tenet and Bullet Train star is is now odds-on for the Bond role at 4/5 according to British bookies William Hill and the bookies do tend to be pretty well informed when they make markets.

The rumors swirled last month that he was favorite after wowing producers in a top secret screen test at the famous Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom, the home of the Bond movies.

The Sun mocked up this picture of Taylor-Johnson as 007

If he really has filmed gun barrel footage, then it is likely to be a final stage of the screen test with potential for the footage to be used in announcement materials at a big reveal. There have been other rumors of an announcement some time in March 2023 but this is exactly that right now, just rumors.

According to The Sun, the often quoted and mysterious “movie insider” had this to say:

“Aaron has impressed bosses so much that he has filmed one of the franchise’s famous gun barrel teaser scenes, something all the Bond actors do. That move takes him a step closer to signing a deal. Bosses at the brand were really impressed with his unique blend of acting intensity and his impressive back catalogue of action films.”

Names like Idris Elba, 50, Tom Hardy, 45, and Tom Hiddleston, 41, were kicked around for a long time in the press. They were all ruled out when the producers announced they are looking for a Bond in his 30s and a ten+ year commitment.

Henry Cavill is also 40 years old, and any commitments to DC will rule him out as Bond producers don’t share their star, as Brosnan found out with Remington Steele. If they return to the cadence of every Bond from Connery to Brosnan, that would mean a new movie every two years, three at the outside. Connery was putting out a movie a year at the start.

The new 007 will replace Daniel Craig, 54, who stepped away after becoming the longest serving Bond with a stint lasting 15 years. That was boosted by a longer lag between movies, and the COVID pandemic delaying his final outing from release several times.

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