Star Trek is in a mess. Star Trek: Discovery is awful, and clearly on its last legs as it has been hit with the retooling bat. Picard felt like it had been made by people who had never seen an episode of The Next Generation, which worryingly seemed to include Sir Patrick Stewart himself. Lower Decks seems similarly doomed.

If anyone was expecting movies to ride to the rescue, they are out of luck. They can’t get a single project off the ground. The fourth Kelvin-verse movie cannot get moving as a Paramount cannot align its budget goals with the kind of salary now demanded by actors like Pine and Hemsworth, who were due to reprise their roles as Kirk and father.

Noah Hawley’s take on life in the Federation has been stalled, and Tarantino’s take on Trek was always going to be a leap to get green lighted. As Star Trek is now officially under review by higher ups and both Paramount Pictures and their CBS sister division, expect lots of leaks now as they put things out there to try and gauge fan engagement with the various options.

Right on cue comes this news, that Tarantino was working on a Star Trek that was Space Untouchables.

It’s an R-rated pitch, written by Tarantino and The Revenant scribe Mark L. Smith. It is described as a side spin-off rather than a main entry. It takes place in a largely earthbound 1920’s gangster setting. This has led to speculation that it is based on an episode of the classic show A Piece Of The Action.

In the second season original, the Enterprise crew visits the planet Sigma Iotia II where an Earth ship disappeared a century before. When they beam down the are amazing to find culture based on 1920’s Chicago complete with mobsters, after one of missing ship’s dead crew had a mobster-themed book onboard which served as the basis for the society.

Tarantino previously described his story as “Pulp Fiction in space” but stressed it was very Trek and covered the Prime Directive. However the setting gave a natural sense of humor while keeping the budget contained.

Other have pointed out that the old episode link didn’t do Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan any harm.

As they try and figure out what to do with Star Trek expect more details about several projects to magically leak.

On this project, Tarantino confirmed that he is out back in January.

“I think they might make that movie, but I just don’t think I’m going to direct it. It’s a good idea. They should definitely do it and I’ll be happy to come in and give them some notes on the first rough cut.”