Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has issued a “Take it or leave it!” statement to China and refused to recut Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The most populous nation on Earth, with one surveillance camera per 2.1 population and a terrifyingly dystopian social credit system that removes anyone from society who dares question the leadership, is upset again.  It doesn’t take much. The thin-skinned Winnie-The-Pooh lookalike in charge is so over sensitive that the rest of the nation just takes its lead from his weakness.

Showing the way, where LeBron and other cowards have failed, he has responded to Chinese regulators pulling the film indefinitely from the schedule a week before its release.

As usual, China has given no explanation.  Why would they?  People would just laugh at them.  However it is speculated to be about Tarantino’s portrayal of martial arts star Bruce Lee in the film.

Tarantino customarily has final-cut rights included in his contract and is refusing.  By doing this he has probably left somewhere in excess of $40m in box office on the Chinese table, unlike the craven and cowardly NBA.

Many Western movies are recut for Chinese audiences at the behest of their national censors, including Bohemian Rhapsody.  That was hilariously recut to remove all references to Freddie Mercury’s homosexuality, instead presenting him as some kind of rufty-tufty butch legend.

Hmmmm… something you want to tell us China?

Tarantino’s film has earned $366 million to date and likely would have exceeded the $400 million mark had it opened in China.