Tarantino has named his favorite movie of the year and it may surprise you.  In a year of big blockbusters, superhero movies, smaller think pieces and quite a few art-house movies filling the cracks, he has chosen something different.

He revealed in an interview with Deadline that Crawl in his favorite movie this year.  The Alexandre Aja movie about alligators in a hurricane apparently impressed him in every way in terms of life filmmaking.

Kaya Scodelario stars in the film as a woman trapped in a flooding house during a Florida hurricane with both her injured father and some alligators.  It’s an R-rated movie which is getting rarer these days.

Paramount Pictures had little confidence in the movie.  It was moved around schedules then dumped in an unfashionable slot with little or no press or advanced screening, despite Sam Raimi as producer.

Showing once again that Hollywood suits have never really known what they are doing and whenever they have success it’s largely down to luck.  Now they are trying to ride on its coat-tails as it scored record reviews for this type of movie including 82% on RT.  Made for only $13m it made $12m back on opening and topped out at nearly $100m.  Now the suits claim victory.

Now that Tarantino has drawn attention to it, expect others to follow suit when they  if the year lists start to filter out.

Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D was a gloriously over the top splatterfest homage with gore dripping off the screen as porn stars and B-listers were ripped apart.  It somehow retained a sense of humor throughout the carnage.  Watch Crawl yourself to see if he repeated the hit rate here.  Check out the trailer.

Crawl is now available to rent or buy on VOD.

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