Frank Grillo will continue his reign as an action hero in a limited series remake of the Sylvester Stallone neo-noir thriller, Nighthawks.


The actor, who is best known for his roles in The Purge franchise, the television series Kingdom, and as Crossbones in the MCU, has now confirmed that the Nighthawks series will not only feature Grillo in the lead, but will be directed by Stallone himself. Grillo said:

“We’re redoing Nighthawks as a limited TV series – eight episodes. I’m playing him. He’s directing, he’s gonna direct ’em, and then he’s gonna be in it… It’s happening as we speak, we’re selling it right now.”

Released in 1981, Nighthawks is one of Stallone’s lesser-known flicks, and follows the action of hard-nosed Sergeant Deke DaSilva.

Fresh from mounting a devastating bomb attack in London, Nighthawks follows an international terrorist who arrives in New York and remains intent upon wreaking further havoc. His preparation is clinical and thorough but he overlooks one thing – the grit and steely determination of one New York cop.


Directed by Bruce Malmuth and starring the likes of Billy Dee Williams, Lindsay Wagner, Persis Khambatta, Nigel Davenport, and the late, great Rutger Hauer alongside Stallone.

Grillo sounds excited over the prospect of working with Stallone on a remake on one of his movies, with the actor happy to be at a place in his career when he can star in projects helmed by his heroes. Grillo said

“I’m like you, I love Rocky, I just love Stallone and I’m at this point where I’m sitting across from him and he’s telling me I’m the only guy to play the role… This is AMAZING!”

Grillo has several action movie projects in the pipeline, and will next be seen battling Gerard Butler in director Joe Carnahan’s Copshop.

Copshop follows a wily con artist Teddy Murretto (Grillo) who hatches a desperate plan to hide out from lethal hitman Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler). He sucker-punches rookie officer Valerie Young (Alexis Louder) to get himself arrested and locked up in a small-town police station.

Grillo is also due to star alongside Bruce Willis in A Day to Die, Donnie Yen in The Father, and will lead director Kevin Carraway’s M.I.A., with Grillo starring as a man who wakes strapped to a chair with no memory of who he is and spends the day trying to stay alive and solve the mystery behind the man he sees staring back in the mirror.

Finally, Grillo said on Tuesday that he will star as Ferruccio Lamborghini in a biopic about the Italian car maker’s life, replacing Antonio Banderas in the role.


Copshop is scheduled to be released on September 17th, and we’ll bring you more on the Nighthawks series when we find out.

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