There was much rejoicing in the world of superhero cinema just a few short weeks ago as Henry Cavill returned to the role of Superman for a cameo in Black Adam. Afterwards it was seemingly a done deal that he was returning to Superman full-time. We reported about this a lot and EggyWeggs got very excited.

Superman Justice League

Cavbill abruptly walking away from The Witcher seemed to confirm it. Superman was coming back. Everything he said seemed to confirm it.

But wait! This is Hollywood and that means we can’t have nice things. According to The Wrap this is by no means a done deal. In fact, things are more fragile than we ever imagined while writing about this before.

According to the outlet their insiders say the reports that a search was currently underway for a writer for a Superman sequel are premature. There is currently no writer or director attached to the project, or even on a shortlist, no formal deal with Cavill to return, and “no forward momentum” on the production at all.


This is speculated to be due to new DC bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran and their still-developing long-term plan for the DCU.


Before Black Adam, the last time we saw him in the role was in the Snyder Cut of Justice League. This portrayal was a triumph comparted to the CGI moustache horror show of Whedon’s Justice League.

There is an internet rumor that Cavill will make an appearance as Superman in The Flash but this is unconfirmed.

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