That’s right baby, Henry Cavill is officially back as Superman and I am losing my damn mind!

Cavill posted to his Instagram the below video and thanked the fans for their patience. He says:

“I wanted to wait until the weekend was over before posting this because I wanted to give you all a chance to watch ‘Black Adam. But now that plenty of you have, I wanted to make it official: I am back as Superman.”

Look, there’s no need to bleat on about how long Super Nerds like me have longed for this day. We all know the story by now and I am beyond happy! In fact, my wife just called me a Superman pervert because I said I wasn’t waiting for the morning to write this article.

The Snyderverse

Cavill has had a long journey with Superman. Zack Snyder cast him way back in 2010 and we first saw him in 2013’s Man of Steel. He reprised the role for Batman v Superman and again in Justice League

With Affleck back as Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and also The Flash, it looks like the Snyderverse is alive and well.


Bravo to David Zaslav and The Rock for making this happen, I never thought it would. You dudes better deliver the goods now because DC has just received a much-needed shot in the arm. The good kind, not the kind that will give you myocarditis. 

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