Will they, won’t they? It’s on, it’s off. He’s back, he’s out… it is getting as tedious as Ross and Rachel in Friends. Will DC, Warner Bros. and Henry Cavill just make up their damn minds? Well, it looks like the argument might have been settled.


The premiere of the DC Comics adaptation Black Adam took place last night in New York. Despite the jury being well and truly out here, among our Outposters, based on what we have seen so far the reaction from the premiere is good. Very good. Positive reports from both professional critics and the junket press, some quite enthusiastic.

*Minor Spoilers*

Speculation was running for over a year as to whether Superman would appear in Black Adam. It turns out Johnson used his star power and producer muscle to fight Warner Bros. hard for Cavill to appear in the film and to anchor it in the existing DCEU.

Chatter from test screenings and the premiere seems to confirm a cameo. According to online scuttlebutt the end of the movie involves Amanda Waller tells Black Adam he better not leave Khandaq. That it is his prison now. He retorts:

“Or what!? there’s no one on this planet that can stop me!”

Waller replies that in that case she’ll get someone not from this planet to deal with him. Out of the smoke and shadows you see a figure wearing a cape in, it’s revealed as Cavill and he tells Adam that it has been a while since somebody made the world this nervous, and they should talk.


*End Spoilers*

Rumors now say he will also appear in The Flash and the Man Of Steel sequel is confirmed, with Johnson instrumental in getting things moving.

Johnson openly discussed that his big goal is for Black Adam and Superman to be on screen together and then producer Dany Garcia posted on Twitter that Black Adam a secret end credit scene that he’s been working to make happen for six years.

Adding more fuel to these rapidly burning rumor fires, Johnson appeared on Entertainment Tonight straight from the premiere and they directly said to him that Cavill’s appearance Black Adam is confirmed. Johnson gave his canned answer, no doubt approved by WB suits, then turned direct to the camera and said:

“I will say this…. welcome home”.

Black Adam is out in cinemas on Friday October 21st.

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