It appears to be a DC news day! This happens from time to time. Usually something on social media kicks it off, and this is no different. Indeed, one of the features of the new regime at DC Studios is the level of interaction co-head James Gunn has with the fans on social media. He is not afraid to comment, wade in and clarify, just as he has here regarding Superman.

Australian Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi was linked with the Clark Kent role. At 25-years-old, 6’5 tall and with a certain look about him, you could actually see it.


Gunn confirmed he was writing a Superman film set around the time of Kent arriving in Metropolis for the first time. The Elordi rumor seemed to be fan casting and speculation amplified and spread by the internet. Gunn wasted no time in hitting up Twitter and telling people they were way ahead of themselves:

“My thoughts are no one has been cast as Superman yet. Casting, as is almost always the case with me, will happen after the script is finished or close to finished, and it isn’t. We’ll announce a few things in not too long, but the casting of Superman won’t be one of them.”

Warner Bros. Discovery has made it clear that new Superman is their priority. With the news that The Batman remains separate, at least for now, it is possible Superman will launch the new DCU and if Batman does come into the universe, it will be a different Batman some time around Phase 3 or Phase 4, once The Batman is played out and Joker is no more.

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