Greg Berlanti’s CW DC TV universe is not really for us, the experienced and mature nerd, geek, comic fan and lovers of things in capes. It’s a millennial / generation Z view of the world that just happens to have some superheroes in it.

Greg Berlanti doesn’t like us very much

Many of these shows have been on the air for years now so, one-by-one, they are ending. Celebrate not, though. They are all being replaced with new shows from the same stable. The first to end it’s run was Arrow which started well enough and then squeezed out 8 seasons. Now Supergirl is to end in season 6 in 2021. That will be 20 episodes long.

Supergirl debuted on CBS in 2015 but falling ratings led to a transfer to the CW to join their shared universe. Ratings held steady for a while but they are now falling again. Shooting was delayed as star Melissa Benoist was pregnant and was then further delayed by COVID19.

Shooting starts next week in Vancouver, subject to Union deals being hammered out. The appearance of Ezra Miller (Barry Allen / The Flash) in the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event earlier this year seems to point to the CW world playing at least some role in the DCEU multiverse going forward.