Despite our best efforts, and previous experience, news of a new Star Wars project still piques our interest. Then we hear that Jon Watts, director of the latest Spider-Man trilogy is in talks to direct a new Star Wars show on Disney+ and we are like:

And then we remember this is Lucasfilm, and hear that it will be set during the High Republic era of Star Wars, and we are all like:

Discussing Film has reported that he is in talks to direct at least one episode, probably more, of a new series going under the development title of Grammar Rodeo to throw people off the scent. So how’s that working out for you?

Jon Favreau will executive produce, shooting will start this summer in the Volume stage in Los Angeles and it will focus on:

“A younger generation of heroes during the High Republic era…”

In case you don’t know, the High Republic Era is about two centuries before the prequels and, no matter how impossible it may seem, it is a time in Star Wars history even less fun than the prequels.

Star Wars

The previously announced Star Wars: The Acolyte series is also set during the High Republic era. This is the series that allegedly upset Bob Iger by it being commissioned over his head right when he was trying to figure out how to repair Star Wars by taking it back to its roots.

That show is in pre-production ahead of filming in the United Kingdom, but this is apparently a different show.

The Mandalorian is about to wrap season 3, then Ahsoka will take over the studio space. This is likely to follow after that wraps.

Watts is a busy guy. He will direct Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four and also is set to produce a new Final Destination movie.

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