Universal Pictures studio chief Donna Langley has said that she supports a female-led entry into the Fast And Furious franchise. With the main franchise ending with a two-parter and a £300 million budget in Fast X, the property is expected to live on in spin offs. Hobbs and Shaw is still expected to get a sequel.


Because humanity is now regressing at an alarming rate, the kind of people who achieve wood in an autoparts store and think then can improve upon trained engineers work in their own garage with a screwdriver and socket set have pushed Fast And Furious ever onward. The series is Universal’s biggest franchise, it is the eighth highest-grossing film series of all-time with a combined gross of over $6 billion. That’s a whole lot of fambly!

In an interview with Business Insider, Langley said:

“I would love to see a female ‘Fast’. So would Vin [Diesel]. We have so many great and amazing female characters in our franchise, and now there’s the new addition of Brie Larson to add to the incredible roster. I would love to see us do a female Fast.”

Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron. Helen Mirren and Nathalie Emmanuel all feature prominently in the series now, with Larson joining for the finale. Back in 2019 screenwriters Nicole Perlman, Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet were working on a script, but that was not taken forward.

We cannot confirm or deny that The Fast And The Furious: If You Don’t Know Why We Are Furious We Are Not Going To Tell You will see the all female crew tackle their greatest challenge yet – parallel parking.

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