Classic side-scrolling beat ’em up Streets of Rage is to get a movie adaption. There is some serious talent behind it, too. Streets of Rage apparently already has a spec script written by Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise. Kolstad also wrote last year’s Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk.

Streets of Rage will be created by dj2 Entertainment, who have previous in this area with the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, and Escape Artists who are behind The Equalizer.


Streets of Rage was originally developed by SEGA and appeared on the SEGA Genesis in 1991. The standard plot involved one or two players fighting their way through an entire city of street thugs to confront a mob boss. There were multiple sequels and the latest version is still available on Steam in the form of the revival sequel Streets of Rage 4.

Video game adaptions are back in fashion again, with news that Jason Momoa is to star in a live-action Minecraft movie. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is also making good money.

John Wick director Chad Stahelski is also working on a Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation with writer Takashi Doscher.


An animated Super Mario Bros. movie is on the way, as is a big-budget live-action adaption of The Last of Us. Halo is currently streaming and BorderlandsMetal Gear Solid, and Splinter Cell are also lining up for take-off.

Is the curse of movie adaptions going to be broken? Or are we looking at more Doom and Mario Bros. type disasters?

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