Netflix continues to slump while Disney+ powers on, as the streaming wars heat up. The first calendar quarter of 2022 was one to forget for Netflix as subscriber numbers fell and share price took a hit as their golden period of being a bullet-proof investment came to an abrupt halt.

As just about every other network, studio or conglomerate has launched their own streamer they have been ripping content off Netflix for their own services at an incredible rate. This has left the ‘Flix exposed and struggling for big-ticket IP to drive subscriber numbers.


Meanwhile, Disney+ continues to grow, but not due to what you may think.

Disney+ beat the growth forecast by analysts on Wall Street and in London by putting on 7.9 million customers in the quarter to push on to 137.7 million.

It seems that some of the Netflix flight might be going to Disney+. The big driver, though? Not Star Wars and not Marvel. It is the most-watched sport in one of the most populous nations on Earth. India, and Cricket.


Much like the Star service was available outside the US via Disney+ for a long time before it came to the States, in India the deal is different. The service is Disney+ Hotstar, and it carries Indian Premier League ticket matches. This service accounted for half of the Disney+ jump in numbers.

One interesting footnote, according to the Wall Street Journal, is that Disney+ was down on earnings for the period, as it is paying out big money to other platforms and channels around the world to terminate license agreements and get IP back for their own platform.

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