Strange World, another animated Disney movie for families that contains “the message” has bombed at the box office.

On its Tuesday preview during Thanksgiving week, a time when families are known to head off to the cinema together, Strange World only took in $800,000. Stop laughing, this is serious…

Not Laughing

Strange World cost an eye-watering $180 million to make, plus marketing expenses. After a five-day opening of just $18.6 million, it doesn’t take a genius to realize this film is absolutely buggered.

Another poke in the eye is Strange World receiving a B CinemaScore, which is the lowest rating received by any Disney animated feature since the CinemaScore was founded way back in 1979.

Strange World 2
“You gave us a B?! O no you dit-ten.”

So, What’s It About?

Strange World is a story about the Clade family, legendary explorers who are on a mission to save the planet from a mysterious ecological crisis. They must work through their differences to complete the mission that sent them to this strange place.

Jaeger Clade and his son Searcher are adventurers and while trying to traverse a mountain that surrounds the land of Avalonia, Searcher discovers a plant that gives off energy. His father, Jaeger insists on continuing the expedition, but Searcher and the rest of the expedition team believe that the new plant, dubbed Pando, is good enough, and Jaeger angrily continues his mission alone and goes missing.

The protagonist of this latest family adventure is a young man called Ethan Clade, the son of Searcher. Ethan is gay and mixed race and is trying to find out where he belongs in the world. Ethan is on a personal journey that includes a flirtatious crush with a school buddy that Ethan hopes will develop into something deeper.

Strange Tip
“Grip it firmly but gently Ethan.”

Why The Failure?

Well, it’s a head-scratcher for sure. We have an angry absent father, a mixed-race family, climate change, and gay kids. I am absolutely baffled why families who simply want to go to the cinema for some escapism and fun would reject the opportunity to see this movie… I said stop laughing!

What is weird is that even though this film has everything anyone could want in a child’s cartoon adventure, Disney opted to not submit Strange World to the entire Middle East, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Truly bizarre.

Strange World
So much subliminal messaging in one picture.

It’s also interesting is Ethan’s gay storyline wasn’t in the marketing of the film. However, that didn’t stop the cast from attempting to out-virtue signal one another on the press tour by mentioning “diversity” at every given opportunity.

As you would expect, gay comedian and actor Jaboukie Young-White, who plays Ethan was most vocal:

“Strange World is not a story about Ethan coming out. It’s not a story about him trying to find acceptance for his sexuality.

This is ideally how LGTBQ+ representation can continue to move forward in storytelling, where having a different sexual preference doesn’t always have to be the main plot point and can just be normalised within the characters.”

Strange World
Jaboukie Young-White – his smugness is off the charts.

They’ll Never Learn

So it seems like Disney’s latest preachy, tick-box exercise has failed miserably and so soon after Lightyear, which also preached “the message”, absolutely tanked too.

Naturally, the usual shills are claiming the movie failed because of bigots, Nazis, racism, and even climate change deniers. Even poor old Covid is still getting the blame. Everything is being blamed apart from the obvious, which is really simple – make good movies and entertain us, and stop preaching your incessant nonsense.

Buzz Lightyear
“To bankruptcy and beyond!”

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