Star Trek: Prodigy

Nickelodeon announced today they have a new Star Trek animated show coming next year, called Prodigy. Here’s the logo:

Sigh. Why not call it Star Trek: Mary Sue? Just save us some time.

And look at the nice rainbow IDIC symbol they have. Naaaaahhh, there won’t be any woke bullshit on this one.

First announced back in April 2019, the series from Trollhunters scribes Kevin and Dan Hageman and overseen by Ramsey Naito, Nick’s Animation Production and Development EVP will follow a group of rebellious teens who commandeer an old Starfleet ship and head off into the universe for adventure and more.
Prodigy comes from CBS’ Eye Animation Productions, CBS Television Studios’ new animation arm, plus Secret Hideout; and Roddenberry Entertainment. Trekverse overlords Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin will serve as EPs will Katie Krentz, Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth and the Hageman siblings. Aaron Baiers will serve as a co-executive producer.

Teenagers grab a ship and go out on their own. The good shows tried these a couple of times and it always ended up that the teens were stupid and inexperienced. That was the lesson.

Nah, fuck that now.

I pre-hate this.

In case you care, this trash will be available sometime in 2021.