I loved the old Dave Chappelle Show. It was daring and a critical darling due to it’s willingness to push boundaries. Well guess what. So is Sticks And Stones. The critics don’t want boundaries pushed anymore. They want that N****** to go back to his place and stop making them uncomfortable.

The left is the most bigoted assholes that ever lived.

Chappelle isn’t an n-word and says so much in his special. That doesn’t stop these butt-hurt critics from being outraged for the virtue-signalling clicks.

Dave Chappelle Sitcks and Stones
Really is out of f***s to give.

Don’t listen to them. Be prepared to be shocked. I mean if you have a guy saying that maybe the Michael Jackson victims need to settle down because nearly half the population has been molested… at least theirs was from the King of Pop! Yeah, all the rest of us got were uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinners.

Yeah. That’s shocking all right. And fucking unbelievably funny.

He’s no Trump supporter and clearly a liberal. But he also clearly has had it with being told what is and isn’t funny. It comes down to words he’s allowed to say and not say. When told he couldn’t use the word FA**OT, he was informed it was because he wasn’t gay. He said why do you let me say the n-word all the time, I’m not one of those either?

Wise words. Sticks And Stones is the old proverb our mothers used to teach us to deal with kids making fun of us at school.

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Unknowingly, it was also a shield that our parents gave us to deal with and eventually use the gift of free speech.

Chappelle isn’t making a lot of overt political pleas in this special, he merely wants to make us laugh. And laugh I did.

I can’t say every joke landed but I appreciate the common sense approach to life through his shock lens he uses. Believe it or not, the curse word count is much lower than you might expect. I think it’s because he realizes that saying “fuck” 8 million times is not shocking. Saying a bi-sexual makes lesbians and gays sick, because those people will fuck ANYONE… is shocking.


The comedians are starting to come out and say enough’s enough. They have always been the guys pushing down injustice and barriers and they do it through the best weapon man has to wield: laughter.

Give it a try. But don’t let the woke scolds see you.