“I Don’t Like People. They Fuck Me Up”

Following the news that Amazon had scrapped its Dark Tower series, story details are now emerging, including a revelation that its author was set to appear as a character.

During an interview on Quint’s podcast The Kingscast last week, ex-showrunner Glen Mazzara revealed that plans for the series to get as meta as the novels with Stephen King appearing as himself as a character in the same way as the books.

Mazzara said –

“If Stephen was up for it we would’ve done it, or I would’ve cast someone to play Stephen King,”

“But if Stephen King’s gonna be a character in the books, I felt like I had to be a character in the show.”

Mazzara wanted to start the series with the fourth book in the series, Wizard And Glass, which was primarily told in flashbacks and offered readers a deeper look at protagonist Roland Deschain. This would’ve helped the series cast a younger star in the role and eventually work its way to his older years and fighting against the Man in Black, as well as encountering Susan Delgado –

“If season 1 ended with the death of Susan…in Wizard and Glass very quickly you go from the death of Susan to the death of Gabrielle, [Roland’s] mother. I felt that I needed a season to give me real estate so that Gabrielle’s death didn’t step on Susan’s and that it felt like an escalation. Roland fails to save Susan, but he actually shoots and kills his mother. In the book, Gabrielle is not really a detailed character in a way that, say, Susan is…Gabrielle is really not fleshed out. She just doesn’t have as many pages attributed to her. I love that character. The actress we had for her was Elaine Cassidy, a fantastic Irish actress, and she did a really great job. So for season 2…[we were] maybe going to use the shapeshifter story [from Wind Through The Keyhole] as part of season 2 and get to the death of Gabrielle and either the fall of Gilead there or the fall of Gilead would be the season three premiere.”

Mazzara revealed it would be at this point in which the actors would switch from the younger, twentysomething Roland to the more weathered and middle-aged iteration of the character and would begin to dive into the events of the first novel in the series, The Gunslinger.

But with Amazon already investing in a series adaptation of Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings, the adaptation is on hold unless production company Media Rights Capital can shop the pilot scripts elsewhere.