With filming underway on Hawkeye, it seems Hailee Steinfeld has gone from “In negitiations” to cast, and on set working. Pictures have been captured fromt he set that show her alongside Jermy Renner as Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

Joining Renner and Steinfeld in the show is a fast growing cast of names. Vera Farmiga of The Conjuring will play Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mother. Fra Fee (Les Miserables), Tony Dalton (Better Call Saul), Zahn McClarnon (Doctor Sleep) and newcomer Alaqua Cox are also onboard.

Florence Pugh will also appear as assassin Yelena Belova, the sister of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, who she plays in the upcoming movie.


Florence Pugh

Fee Kazimierz Kazimierczak, a mercenary villain with the moniker of Clown. Dalton will play Jack Duquesne/Swordsman.

Cox will play deaf Native American hero Maya Lopez/Echo.