Jason Statham’s dance card is filling up. He’s already working on an espionage thriller at Miramax with his old friend Guy Ritchie. He’s also got the sequel to The Meg coming up, with the script for that reportedly finished. A Hobbs & Shaw sequel is also in the works.

He’s reportedly also keen to be involved in Small Dark Look. This is the sequel to David Cronenberg’s 2007 crime thriller Eastern Promises. That starred Viggo Mortensen as a Russian mobster in London.

Danish filmmaker Martin Zandvliet (Land of Mine) is locked as director and Steven Knight, who wrote the first movie, is working up the script. The movie is set in the same world as the first movie but does not, necessarily, carry on the story. Neither Mortensen or Cronenberg will be involved.

The original movie featured the famously brutal fight between Mortenson and assailants in a bathhouse. The sequel has been discussed for years but has taken this long to be realised.